Short Stories – a brief examination

If intellect makes a person, then the world is short on people.

~ Punchy Proverb of the Week

As tempting as it is, I shall abstain from discussing the proverb for this week. Rather, we shall discuss short stories.


I have always enjoyed short stories, particularly those of Oscar Wilde, O. Henry, and Mark Twain. Short Stories always seemed to gratify my eager nature. The shorter the short story, the better. At least, that’s the case for me.

There is definitely an art to short stories. Developing characters and plots over a short amount of time is challenging, and maybe even slightly intimidating. But there are always those authors who do it fantastically well.

What makes a great short story? Well, I suppose the answer to that question depends on the reader. Personally, my favorite short stories are either comedic in nature or shocking in conclusion. Not surprisingly, Mr. Twain’s short stories are usually comedic in nature while Oscar Wilde’s short stories, and especially those of O. Henry, are shocking in conclusion.

I suppose you could say, “If many words make a great story, then the short story genre is short on good stories.”

Wait. That sounds familiar…

I shall go no further for fear of overstepping the boundaries I set for myself above.


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