Interview – Mr. John Suave

I had the pleasure of sitting down to have lunch with Mr. John Suave recently. We covered a whole host of topics.

Mr. Suave considers himself a philanthropist and entrepreneur.

1. What is your worldview?

JS: I believe in Adam and Eve and blame them for all of my problems. Most of my problems though can be traced to one of their more contemporary descendants.

2. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned?

JS: Money is the root of all evil for those who don’t possess it.

3. You find yourself in the following situation: While driving down an abandoned road, a singular looking person is hitchhiking. What do you do?

JS: I never pick up a hitchhiker. One never knows what sort of person a hitchhiker may be. So I drive on with caution. However, I am not a heartless person so I will occasionally roll down my window as I pass and toss them a piece of candy. A lollypop or something.

4. Would you rather a good book, a good movie, or something else?

JS: Something else that takes considerably less time and less commitment.

5. What is your favorite game, and why? (Board game, preferably.)

JS: This is a hard question … board games generally demand much time and commitment. But if I had to pick one, I would most certainly decide on Chess. It came to me more quickly and easily than the others and I can usually dispatch a game within one quarter of an hour.

Thank you for sharing your time, Mr. Suave!


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