This Day in History

This day in history, May 2nd.

Many interesting and intriguing events occurred on May 2nd throughout history. Here are a few:

1813: Emperor Napoleon holds off a joint army from Russia and Prussia, but is unable to completely destroy the enemy because he is too short on cavalry.

1865: President Andrew Johnson offers a nice sum of money for the capture of Jefferson Davis – about $100,000!

1890: A specific territory is created. It’s called Oklahoma.

1919: Air travel begins for the public. (Supposedly, the flights were rather horrid. The craft shook uncontrollably and the hostesses smelled like they had just been sick. Definitely not a ride the professor would want to catch! We’ve come a long way!)

1936: Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf is premiered in Moscow. Apparently, the composer wasn’t too happy with the performance. In fact, he was discouraged. This is what he had to say, “…[attendance] was poor and failed to attract much attention.”

A Notable birth on May 2nd:

Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen, better known as The Red Baron, is born.

A Notable death on May 2nd:

The famous artist and scientist, Leonardo Da Vinci, dies. He is only 67-years-old.

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