The Brand of Folly–Who Saw It Coming?

Throughout time, an alarming amount of fools have—somehow—managed to write a page in history for themselves that detail their follies. It has become my reluctant duty to present to you—dear reader—what follies were committed on this day throughout history and by what fools.

However, while the inspection of others’ follies can be beneficial (for those who learn from mistakes), it is somewhat depressing in nature. Therefore, some happy instances shall be covered as well—sometimes.

May 30th:

1883: A rumor is circulated stating that the Brooklyn Bridge is going to collapse. As a result, there is a stampede and 12 people die—a crushing death. Not a nice way to go. This was an unfortunate circumstance, and is a great reason why rumors shouldn’t be trusted. Interestingly, the rumor was squelched the following year when P. T. Barnum led 21 elephants across the bridge. BRANDED FOLLY

1894: Robert Lincoln Lowe, or Bobby Lowe, is the first to hit 4 home runs in one game. Rather than be amazed, I say he finally practiced and it paid off! HAPPY INSTANCE

1896: The first car accident occurs; a bicyclist is hit by Henry Wells. This goes to show you that bicyclists were as annoying then on the road as they are now. So, we won’t brand Wells a folly; rather, the bicyclist. BRANDED FOLLY

1911: Ray Harroun wins the first Indianapolis 500 car race traveling at 74.59 miles-per-hour. I say, it’s a wonder that he won traveling at the same speed I travel on the road all the time. HAPPY INSTANCE


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