NAME: Xeracarc Barkoush Saddam Ladan. (Xeracarc is a title—like king or emperor, or some vexing royalistic [new professorish word] name.)

RESIDENCE: Dou-Shui (Doo – Shwee)—a city which sits in the Middle East, and which is, sadly for Barkoush, too close to Attila the Hun.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Barkoush usually dresses in long white clothes. He’s very nice; I’ve met him.

ABOUT: The city of Dou-Shui is constantly terrorized by Attila the Hun—which must be very disheartening indeed. Luckily, though, Attila can’t get inside the city. Dou-Shui’s walls are too tall and wide.

A river runs underneath the city. However, Attila is much too dull to use it to his advantage.

GREATEST FRIEND: His own people, I’d imagine. He does do business with Dr. Zauberer, though.

GREATEST FOE: Attila the Hun.

DESCRIPTION IN THREE WORDS: Calm (very, very calm), somewhat-wise, and…strange.

QUOTES: Hmm…I see. Oh well. Hmm…Don’t let’s worry about it, hmm?


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