NAME: Bud Parker.

RESIDENCE: Fat Man Island… Though, Parker also lives in America—sometimes.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Parker is around 21 years of age, and he’s likely to stay around that age mentally. His brown bangs are usually slicked back.

ABOUT: Parker works on Fat Man Island. He’s an inventor. Other than that, his past is relatively unknown.

Parker hates to be called by his first name, Bud. Interestingly, though, he calls everyone he meets—no exceptions—bud. Definitely strange, I think. I’m really not sure why he abhors his first name. Maybe it’s because he thinks it’s a reference to a flower?

He also makes a strange clicking noise with his tongue. Parker’s definitely an interest.

GREATEST FRIEND: Fats Henry—probably. Just because he gives Parker a job. Manly-Man and Parker usually get on well.

GREATEST FOE: I’m not sure he has one—yet.

DESCRIPTION IN THREE WORDS: Fresh, smart, and annoying.

QUOTES: Hey, bud, let’s go! Bud, listen, don’t get angry. Bud, I was!


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