NAME: Jazzy Couldren (aka Manly-Man).

RESIDENCE: Jazzy doesn’t really have one home. Sometimes he lives in Asia with Jaguar; other times he lives in Lost Vegas. It really depends on his mood.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Jazzy is a very respectable looking gentleman.

ABOUT: Jazzy Couldren was once a police chief in America, but that was before he decided to gag and bind his wife and daughter, and throw them in the bathtub. Since then, Jazzy’s life has changed—drastically.

After meeting, Arnold Arnak, the Punchy, Jazzy has exhibited amazing strength. Not too long after that, Jazzy found a steel battle suit. It was around this time that he started going by the name of Manly-Man.

Jazzy lives two lives (somewhat tricky, I know): Manly-Man, the strong adventurer; and Jazzy Couldren, the successful businessman.

He got away with what he did to his wife and daughter, for who’s going to try and stop Manly-Man? The professor definitely wouldn’t!

GREATEST FRIEND: Arnold Arnak, the Punchy.

GREATEST FOE: Anna Furber, who’s always trying to steal his suit.

DESCRIPTION IN THREE WORDS: Strong, smart, and manly.

QUOTES: Hey, honeybutts, you be nice or I’ll get angry; and when I get angry, I get crazy; and when I get crazy, I get Jazzy; and when I get Jazzy, I get manly…


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