NAME: PeZ Herman. (Sometimes referred to as Zez—at least, in one of the skits he is.)

RESIDENCE: Lives atop the highest snow-capped mountain in the land: Mount Zezny.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: PeZ is a small, orange gurglin (like a gremlin) who is very, very wicked and mean.

ABOUT: PeZ is an introverted creature who prefers to be left alone. It is said that he is extremely powerful. Not only does he supposedly possess weapons, venoms, and a whole lot of other lethal things, but he also has strange abilities.

Attila and his hordes live around the base of PeZ’s mountain, and they revere him—out of fear.

GREATEST FRIEND: No one. (PeZ has been known to do favors solely for Lucini Pavarinni, but no one else.)

GREATEST FOE: Anyone he chooses.

DESCRIPTION IN THREE WORDS: Orange, small, and wicked.

QUOTES: I am the PeZ, says the PeZ. Of course PeZ is vicked. What’s you means? Attilas is my pawn, says the PeZ.


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