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TPL’s Birthday (The Professor Appears)

So, happy birthday, everyone.

You see, it’s TPL’s 3rd birthday.


I thought it was older, but it isn’t.

It’s only 3.

Feels like I’ve known all you awesome folks for well over 50 years.

We’re all very old.

Let’s just accept it.

It’s great to be old.

Anyways and some.

Everyone always thinks this professor has a long gray or white beard.

I don’t.

You should know this.

After all, we’ve known each other long enough.

Also, t-shirts can be dressy.

I’ll prove it.

Many loves, kisses, and hugs to you all!

*goes out to eat cake*

You’ll each get a piece.

Oh, The Last Samurai soundtrack might make me cry. Forget I said that.

So, yeah, there was supposed to be a video here…but I haven’t time. I must go play oboe in a pit of snakes.

See you soon, loves.


The professor’s Favorite Things

So, since Christmas is coming, this professor decided to compile a list of what you might buy me.

These things are a few of my favorite things, don’t you know.

Okay, up first…



The professor loves his katana. Probably because I feel like a warrior when I’m carrying it about. Another plus, people are rather scared of it. Usually. Hollie and Susan aren’t.

Next up…

The Cherry Sucker


I’ve started to notice that chaps who walk around sucking on a sucker, why, they just look gangster-like. Plus, it tastes rather fruity and good.

Noodles of all Sorts


I fear, yes: I’m a noodle fanatic. And I’m not sure why either. After all, noodles are tasteless, don’t you know. Now I feel dull.

Throwing Knives


The professor loves throwing knives. But you don’t want to know my accuracy. I’m probably the worst knife thrower–ever! I’m sure Julian Edelman might be worse.



They are delicious and the shape is just so odd, they are begging to be eaten.

Now, if this professor was ever stranded on an island. This is all I would need to live, don’t you know.

Later, my loves.

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