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The Professor is Rowdy, T-Shirts, and Ties…

professor speaks

The professor is feeling very rowdy.

I tell you this plainly, just because such plain things should be plain.

If a plain thing is not plain (like a plain bagel, for instance) it has no right being plain.

Now, I’m rowdy.

Cause I’ve been thinking about this thingy, and you must let me know if I’m thinking rather right.

If a fellow is wearing a t-shirt…is he being classy?

Now, I’m not at all sure what classy is. But is he?

Probably not, I’d say, probably not.

Now, but what if he puts a tie on over the t-shirt?

Ah, instant class.

This is the professor’s theory.

Do you suppose I’m right?

Ah, pure class.

Ah, pure class.

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