Land of the Punchy CaveThe Punchies are an ancient race, it is said. Older than the mountains yet younger than the stars.

They are responsible for all of the craziness of the land. Hence, the Punchy Lands.

All of the Punchies are quite odd to say the least. They seem to be made of a rubbery substance, and they all possess different hues.

The Punchies live in a very hot desert deep within a cave that is somewhat hidden by enormous sand dunes.

Inside the cave—that stifling, sweltering space—the Punchies are usually seated about a great oak table, planning and attempting to think deeply about many different matters that would really only concern them alone. Sometimes they are drinking Cups of Blueberry Jam, a favorite Punchy drink.

But they are always planning something troublesome—be it a Punchy War, or just a simple Punchy mission…

The Punchy Cave’s many passageways (some say the Punchy Cave is home to thousands of passageways) are filled with treasure.

Innumerable treasure.

Improbable treasure.

Punchy treasure.


Say something...anything...O Punchy Family!

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Punchy Argot:

1. Dadblameit.
2. Humdinger
3. Chickit
4. Chicky-woot-woot
5. Malediction
6. Rapscallion
7. Gardoobled
8. Congratulilolations
9. Togoggin
10. Gargonic
11. Two and Five Gurgles
12. Rats and a Heifer
13. Two nods, a wink, and an astroid
14. A bit, bits, and little bits
15. Huff-Hum and a Roar
16. So many thanks, I can't begin to thank you
17. Ri-do-diculous


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